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Can anyone help me with some  homework I am struggling still and its been hours plz? Its on sport and I should write about who is Eddie Gray? All I know is that Eddie Gray was a famous footballer. I need more facts about him...
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Edwin (Eddie) Gray, Birth:17-Jan-1948. Edwin Gray was born in Glasgow, Scotland, he was a cultured winger who was an integral member of the legendary Leeds United football team....  view more...http://tinyurl.com/65x2xsw
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Eddie Gray was born in Glasgow in 1948. His talent as a footballer was such that he didn't stop playing until he was thirty-six, despite a thigh injury, which hampered him throughout his career. After a spell as Leeds' manager in the early eighties, he was with Middlesborough as a reserve and youth team coach, and Rochdale and Hull as manager. Returning to Leeds in 1995 where he became assistant-manager to David O'Leary in 1998.
Eddie Gray was among the most skilful and exciting players in Leeds United's history and whose links with the club have been further strengthened by his roles as manager, youth team coach, reserve-team coach and now assistant manager.
In his book "Marching on Together" Eddie Gray takes readers back to his home town of Glasgow....
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