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Hi, Im looking for information about the national anthem of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
Who wrote the French national anthem (lyrics and music)?
When was the national anthem of Saint Pierre and Miquelon officially adopted?
Please add any valuable information like links to anthem's mp3, video, lyrics, free sheet music etc.
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As A Collectivity Of France, "La Marseillaise" Is Official .
National anthem of Saint Pierre and Miquelon free mp3 download
Press to download the mp3 file of Saint Pierre and Miquelon's National anthem - See link (file source: cia world factbook).
Listen to Saint Pierre and Miquelon national anthem on Youtube
French anthem lyrics (English translation)
Verse 1
Arise, children of the Fatherland,
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us tyranny
Raises its bloody banner (repeat)
Do you hear, in the countryside,
The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
They're coming right into your arms
To cut the throats of your sons and women!
To arms, citizens,
Form your battalions,
Let's march, let's march!
Let an impure blood
Water our furrows! (Repeat)
Verse 5
Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors,
You bear or hold back your blows!
You spare those sorry victims,
Who arm against us with regret. (repeat)
But not these bloodthirsty despots,
These accomplices of Bouillé,
All these tigers who, mercilessly,
Rip their mother's breast!
Verse 6
Sacred love of the Fatherland,
Lead, support our avenging arms
Liberty, cherished Liberty,
Fight with thy defenders! (repeat)
Under our flags, shall victory
Hurry to thy manly accents,
That thy expiring enemies,
See thy triumph and our glory!
Note: Only the first verse (and sometimes the fifth and sixth) and the first chorus are sung today in France.
You can find more information about French anthem on Wikipedia - See link.


Saint Pierre and Miquelon
French national symbol: 16th-century sailing ship.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon flag

Conventional short form country name: Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
Conventional long form country name: Territorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
Local short form country name: Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.
Local long form country name: Departement de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Government Type: parliamentary representative democracy.
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