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Hi, Im looking for information about the national anthem of Libya.
Who wrote the Libyan national anthem (lyrics and music)?
When was the national anthem of Libya officially adopted?
Please add any valuable information like links to anthem's mp3, video, lyrics, free sheet music etc.
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The National anthem of Libya is "Allahu Akbar" which means in English "God Is Greatest".
Libya's anthem lyrics were written by Mahmoud el-SHERIF and the music was written by Abdalla Shams el-DIN.
Adopted 1969; The Anthem Was Originally A Battle Song For The Egyptian Army In The 1956 Suez War.
Listen to Libya national anthem on Youtube
Libyan anthem lyrics (English translation)
O my country,
O my country,
With my struggle and gladiatorial patience,
Drive off all enemies' plots and mishaps
Be saved, be saved, be saved, be saved all the way
We are your sacrifices
Libya, Libya, Libya!
O my country, You're the heritage of my ancestors
May Allah not bless any hand that tries to harm you
Be saved, we are for ever your soldiers
No matter the death toll if you've been saved
Take from us the most credential oaths, we won't let you down, Libya
We will never be enchained again
We are free and have freed our homeland
Libya, Libya, Libya!
Our grandfathers stripped a fine determination when the call for struggle was made
They marched carrying Qur'an in one hand,
and their weapons by the other hand
The universe is then full of faith and purity
The world is then a place of goodness and godliness
Eternity is for our grandfathers
They have honoured this homeland
Libya, Libya, Libya!
Extend on Idris the honour, the descendant of the conqueror
He is the symbol of struggle and Jihad
He raises our flag high
And we follow him, freeing our homeland,
He allows praise of his throne
And raises hope for Libya in heaven,
A free flag
Over a rich country,
Libya, Libya, Libya.
O son of Libya, O son of lions of the wild
We're for honour and the honours are for us
Since the time of us being honoured, people thanked our generosity and honourableness
May Allah bless our Independence
O Libyans, seek the dizzy heights as a position in mankind
Our cubs, be prepared for the foreseen battles
Our youths, to prevail
Life is only a struggle for homeland
Libya, Libya, Libya!
Translated by: Dr Khalid Ben Rahuma
You can find more information about Libyan anthem on Wikipedia - See link.
Sheet Music: View the Libyan national anthem sheet music - See link.


Libyan national symbol: star and crescent; hawk.

Libya flag

Conventional short form country name: Libya.
Conventional long form country name: none.
Local short form country name: Libiya.
Local long form country name: none.
Libya Government Type: operates under a transitional government.
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