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Who is Bruce Jenner?
I am looking for information about  Bruce Jenner, information like:Bruce Jenner's bio, movies, career, personal life etc...
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Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner Biography:
It is said that a man’s passion can surface in numerous forms. Such is certainly the case with Olympic Gold medal winner Bruce Jenner. Bruce William Jenner was born on the 28th of October in 1949 as the son of William Jenner in the town of Mount Kisco in New York. William Jenner had a successful pole vaulting career in the army and was perhaps the source of inspiration for his son. Young Bruce attended Sleepy Hollow High School at first before moving to Connecticut and attending Newtown High School. He displayed a certain aptitude for athletics in his early years and this secured him a football scholarship at Graceland University. It was a knee injury that he suffered while playing college football that forced him to enter the decathlon. Bruce Jenner was mentored by L.D Weldon—the first person to recognize Jenner’s dedication and athletic abilities. His confidence made Jenner to enter and to secure fifth place in the 1970 Drake relays.

Bruce Jenner Career:
In the prime of his athletic shape, Jenner won himself the nick name of “Bruiser” and used to train for 7 hours every day. His commendable efforts paid off when he won gold in the Summer Olympics of 1976. That particular edition of the Olympics took place in Montreal and America had only one Gold winner that year: Bruce Jenner. Needless to say that was his first step towards becoming the celebrity that he is today. The name that he made for himself as an athlete is something that is revered even today by his fans. Due to him becoming the American hero, Bruce was awarded the James E. Sullivan award for amateur athlete. However as an Olympic contestant, he could not accept any sponsorship offers and thus his life did not enjoy an abundant cash flow. In an effort to change that, he forfeited any chance of having to compete in the Olympics again and started looking for endorsements. His first advertisement deal was with the popular breakfast cereal Wheaties.

Bruce Jenner’s Celebrity and Appearances:
The national recognition that he gained gave him the opportunity to star in the 1980 musical comedy Can’t Stop the Music. This musical was based on the disco group named as The VSillage People and was Jenner’s first appearance in a leading role. Unfortunately, the movie did not do so well in the box office and similar opportunities became scarce for Jenner.
Nevertheless he made his way into the field of television cinema. He took a part in the 1980s production The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story. He also had a role in the 1981 film Grambling White Tiger. In 1986 he had the honor of being inducted into the U.S Olympic Hall of Fame. His accomplishments went a step further when he played the character of Officer Steve McLeish in the police drama CHiPs. He also appeared in video games such as Olympic Decathlon and Bruce Jenner’s World Class Decathlon.
The fact that Bruce enjoyed the diversity of life was proven by the fact that he was also a race car driver once upon a time. He was affiliated with the IMSA camel GT series and in 1986 had won a twelve hour race with a Seven-Eleven Roush racing Ford Mustang.
He appeared in reality series such as the American Sportsman and was also given a role in the 2002 game show The Weakest Link. Bruce Jenner’s latest contract is with the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians which is aired on E! network.

Bruce Jenner’s Personal Life:
His first wife was Chrystie Jenner with whom he had his first son and daughter. Their relationship came to an end in 1980. In the following year, Bruce married Linda Thompson with whom he had two sons, Brandon and Brody Jenner. Their marriage lasted for only two years and it was another nine years before Bruce settled down with Kris Jenner. The two of them now live in Calabasas, California with their two children.
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