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Who is Bruce Cabot?
I am looking for information about  Bruce Cabot, information like:Bruce Cabot's bio, movies, career, personal life etc...
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Bruce Cabot
Bruce Cabot Biography:
It is not always easy to chase down one’s passion because sometimes it is very difficult to ascertain what it is. Such can be said about American actor Bruce Cabot. Bruce Cabot was the adopted pen name of Etienne Pelissier Jackuque de Bujac. He was born on 20th April, 1904 in Carlsbad, New Mexico. He was the son of French army colonel Etienne de Bujac and Julia Armandine Gray. Bruce never had the pleasure of knowing his mother because she passed within moments of giving birth. Although he took a position at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, he dropped out and did not bother to finish his education.

Bruce Cabot Career and Movies:
It was at this stage of his life that Bruce Cabot suffered from an identity crisis. He had entered and left several professions being unable to find a suitable one. He had been a hand on sailor and even a real estate agent and yet could not make up his mind. In fact, he was working at a slaughterhouse when he first got the chance to act. Bruce Cabot’s debut in the acting profession was in 1931 with the action movie Heroes of the Flames. His acting career really took off in 1933 when he got an opportunity to act in the action movie, “King Kong”. The movie was enormously popular and had gained him a lot of recognition in the acting circles for his portrayal of the character John Driscoll. His blossoming reputation was earned him the role of Addison Stevens in the 1934 mystery thriller Murder on the Black Board. He continued to display his proficiency and depth as an actor with his performance in the gang star action thriller Let ‘em Have It. He played the role of Joe Keefer in the 1934 production and had received much praise for his performance. His credibility was growing ever since he set foot in this profession and this had landed him with an audition for the filming of John Ford’s Stage Coach in 1939. Although he was auditioning for the lead role of Ringo Kid, he lost the opportunity to none other than the legendary John Wayne who was simply a natural for this western cowboy movie. However, with Bruce being the Texan that he was had a thirst for action movies. He starred alongside Randolph Scott for the 1936 action movie Last of the Mohican. His dream of acting in a classic western number was realized when he got the chance to do so alongside Errol Flynn in the 1939 Warner Brother’s production Dodge City.

Bruce Cabot’s Later Life:
Afterwards, Bruce entered the army to serve during the Second World War. He served in the Air Force acting as the Transport Command Operation Officer in the city of Tunis. After the war was over, he was very quick in returning to the big screen and this time he landed himself with the opportunity to work with John Wayne in the 1947 western classic Angel and Badman. In fact, this movie was the beginning of a long friendship between these two and had led to the filing of ten other western movies. From 1961 to 1971, the face of Bruce Cabot could be seen on the posters of movies like Comanchero, McLintock, The War Wagon and Big Jake. Bruce’s last movie was a James Bond number Diamonds Are Forever before his life was unduly cut short by lung cancer. He died on the 3rd of May 1972 and was buried in his hometown of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Bruce Cabot’s Personal Life:
Bruce Cabot married Adrienne Ames in 1933 but their relationship fell apart in 1937. He married Francesca De Scaffa in 1951 but divorced her couple of years later. His last marriage was with Gracy Mary Smith but it too resulted in a divorce. He never had any children but his legacy lives through the legendary roles that he played alongside John Wayne.
More information on Bruce Cabot can be found at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0127677/
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